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Blocks are your boxes of code that add more information, entertainment, and excitement to your site. They can be either internal or external blocks. Internal blocks are placed inside panels, while external blocks can be placed dynamically inside an article or frontpage.

There are several types of blocks, RSS feeds, Stats, News, PHP are some of the many different types just to name a few. Each block created can be placed in a chosen selected panel, and numerically ordered. So you get to chose which order blocks load in within each panel. To create or manage your blocks to go: "Admin > TinyPortal > Panels & Blocks > (area) + Blocks". You can even specify which membergroups can moderate/edit each block and decide which sections/actions of the site you wish the block to be viewed in. This gives you complete control over your blocks...


Assuming the admin has given you or your membergroup permission to do so, a block can be collapsed and ingored. This is an On-The-Fly setting often located within the header/title of the block, controlled by a little image/icon...

NOTE: Some members or membergroups can moderate/edit a block, if the admin has given permission to do so. To edit a block, simply click an image/icon which is often located in the header/title of the block.

This is a summary. For FAQ, please browse our Block Documentation.
For code snippets by the TP community, please browse our Code Snippets.